The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – where did the plastic waste come from?

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“The North Pacific is home to an enormous swirl of plastic waste twice the size of Texas known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but how the trash made its way to the region has been a mystery among scientists – until now.” – Daily MailLearn more Source: #zerowaste #plasticfree #plasticpollution #recycle #environment #plasticfreeliving […]

Most Plastic Waste Ends up in the Ocean.

great pacific garbage patch, plastic pollution, OPDERA, environment

You might be surprised, or even disgusted, to learn that most plastic waste ends up in the environment, even when you thought it was being recycled. Research shows plastic waste most commonly leaks into the environment in the country to which it’s shipped. Plastics that you put in the recycling bin were never intended to […]

OPDERA Highlighted by The Smithsonian Institute

Great Pacific Garbage Patch, The Smithsonian Institute, Plastic Waste, OPDERA, Environment

OPDERA.ORG‘s work was highlighted by The Smithsonian Institute for their work and helping researchers gain access to vital data and biological specimens. Follow this link to see a brief description of the work and view a couple photos from OPDERA.ORG‘s voyage to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.