Another marine fatality caused by plastic waste.

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BBC: “Scientists have revealed a list of items found in a stomach of a sperm whale which died after stranding on the Isle of Harris. The list included stacks of cups, packing straps, squid beaks embedded in the ball of litter, three bundles of fishing rope, fragments of rubber gloves, and rubber tubing.” Learn more […]

Suez Canal: EverGreen, the company is a repeat offender.

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Business Insider: “A ship operated by Evergreen Marine Corp., the company behind the vessel blocking the Suez Canal, once released 28,800 plastic toys into the Pacific Ocean by accident in the 1990s – and they were still washing up on shores around the world 15 years later.” Learn more Source:…/articleshow/81708512.cms #zerowaste #plasticfree #plasticpollution #recycle […]

Criminal Gangs Are Cashing In On Plastic Junk

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VICE: “Interpol said late last year it’s seen a spike in organized criminal efforts to smuggle cargo containers carrying recyclable plastic and non-recyclable plastic scrap from rich countries into Southeast Asia.” Learn more Source:…/criminal-gangs-are-cashing-in-on… #zerowaste #plasticfree #plasticpollution #recycle #environment #plasticfreeliving #planetorplastic #reuse #breakfreefromplastic #ecofriendly #nowaste #plasticfreejuly #plastic #zerowasteliving #sustainable #plasticpollutes #passonplastic #zerowastelifestyle #reduceplastic #lowwaste […]

Waste Enters our Oceans Through Many Ways.

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waste reaching oceans includes sewage disposal, fertilizers from farms, solid garbage from cities/industries, and oil spills and drains. All of these raise the ocean’s contamination levels, which has already horrifyingly damaged the food chain of marine life.

People Consume Microplastic Without Knowledge or Consent.

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Greenpeace’s research has found that Taiwanese annually eat at least 16,300 units, or 1.05 grams, of microplastics from shellfish, cephalopods (including octopi and squids), and fish, which is equivalent to a single plastic straw.